Vanya Zapryanova

draws from nature, people, the world and her students. Her main passion as an artist is to inspire and guide children creativity. The connection with them reflects the highly decorative style she applies through ceramics, glass and textiles.

“Art makes my life meaningful. It is love and spiritual growth. Once you touch it, you can't refuse to see and feel the world with the eyes and soul of an artist — more beautiful and better!”


Vanya graduated with Industrial Design in 1986 from the National Art School of Plastic Arts and Design “Academician Dechko Uzunov” in her hometown Kazanlak. Later she studied painting at the school of the artist Mihail Kamberov. In 1998, Zapryanova graduated with a Master's degree in Applied Arts from the National Academy of Arts “Nikolai Pavlovich” in Sofia, majoring in Product Design, Artistic Ceramics. She also took a diploma for a teacher.


In 2001 she created ART LINE, a school of fine and applied arts where the pedagogue unfolds her overall vision. ART LINE develops children's talent and interest in art, with a fine balance between technique and imagination. To this day, more than 1,000 students aged 4-20 have passed and most importantly have taken the path to art.

In 2010, Vanya & Rosen Donchev created a gallery for contemporary Bulgarian art called ATELITO.

Trough the years the initiatives of the ART LINE

Searches & Techniques

The process of creation is most important according to the Zapryanova.

In painting by nature, Vanya applies classical techniques while capturing the world around us and artefacts from the past. Furthermore connecting with the earth through ceramics using fireclay and red clay, the artist has developed the techniques of multilayer engobe and coloured tables.

The innocence and colour of the children's drawing we see reflected in the decorative style that she applies in the applied arts. On glass she works in decorative stained glass. In textiles - batik, shibori and felt.

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Kazanlak, Bulgaria