About the family

Vanya, Rosen and Kiril are developing and creating in different spheres of the fine arts as each of them keeps individual artistic identity.

One family, La familia de Arte, in which they help each other to express their creativity.
In their artistic fields, methods and ways, which sometimes could be close or too far, the common ground is the ART and the LOVE as a way of living!


The spectrum of creativity 

Each of them has their own spark and understanding of the art. 

In 2001, Vanya develops a private school of arts in which also Kiril was one of the first students at age of 3. Today, the school still continues to bring happiness of children and teenagers in becoming better of mastering techniques with different materials, making exhbitions and realising charity events. 

In 2010, Vanya and Rosen opened Atelieto- a small gallery in the town of roses which contributes for presenting and working with one of the most famous names in the Bulgarian contemporary art scene.

The first family event of the three was in 2018 which was a solo exhibition called “Ways” and presented in museum in Zheravna, Bulgaria.
Later on Vanya, Rosen and Kiril made more exhibitons and evenets and currently, they are developing even more complex ideas, namely the idea of a common expo in Malta. 

Kazanlak, Bulgaria