Kiril Kacarov

/Exploration of creative approaches that are leading to better perceptions. His creation is being just as colourful as his sense of capturing. The motivation keeps to pop up everywhere around his steps and with wide open eyes he is able to express the reality in an extraordinary perspective./

“I’m the kind artist who tries to capture the present moment, the beauty of daily life and then if necessary turn it into a spectacle. Both the creator and the spectator are participants in the final solution. They are one paradigm.”


Capturing important moments in time in an abstract figure, reminding us of memories, a feeling and appreiation of the present, Kiril Kacarov uses objects that are always around us but we don't seem to notice, bringing the beauty to the forefront of your attention. Creating a visual that is led up to a bold colourful symphony through graphic design, photography and fine art.


Kiril’s eyes for colours and mixed media began developing at the young age of three in the field of the fine and applied arts. He was the youngest student at his mother’s newly opened private art school “ART LINE” where he was able to practice and experiment with different techniques.

Later graduated with Advertising Graphics and Design from the National Art School of Plastic Arts and Design. Kacarov continues his education in the Netherlands at the WDKA Graphic Design department.

Kiril Kacarov has taken part in many international competitions, forums and exhibitions trough the years. Currently, he works on personal projects and collaborations with various artists, magazines and studios.

Searches and techniques:

Kiril uses digital and fine techniques to create a symbiotic connection between the art fields.
Creating visuals from anything that brings joy to his consciousness, Kacarov captures his current experiences, a world full of beauty and untold stories. Through the process of trying to make sense of the world he presents the confusion and the motivation that comes out of it, building a visual language that communicates those feelings.



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Kazanlak, Bulgaria